Portion Size

We often get the question "How large are the serving sizes?" since the jars look deceptively small.

Each jar holds 4 cups of food, which is the equivalent of 1 large entrée dish or 2 side dishes. The veggie stackers come with enough veggies for a complete family dinner meal. So depending on what types of jars you order and how you use the food, you can get multiple servings per jar.

For example:

1 jar = 1 large entrée salad or noodle bowl

1 jar = 2 side salads or side dishes

1 jar = 3 sandwich wraps (perfect for hikes or quick lunches for the kids)

1 jar = 1 large bowl or 2 cups of soup

1 jar = 4 cups of veggies for a complete family dinner

So get creative and try your jar meals in many different ways!